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More Links involved in this broad subject are included in the following websites below:

How Maglev Trains Work
Learn all about maglev and how it works.

Maglev NET
Maglev NET brings you the news about the magnetic levitation technology developments.

Forum .

Facts .

Newsletter .

Pics .

The International Maglev Board
The members of the International Maglev Board unanimously agree that maglev systems are a relevant and important transport technology for the future.

American Maglev Technology
American Maglev Technology designs and develops advanced technology to solve problems in fields such as transportation and energy. AMT’s transit technology is based on optimized magnetic levitation and linear induction propulsion that is entirely electric and non-polluting.

Transportation – The Venus Project
Maglev Trains “removable multi-functional compartments”
Automobiles “eventually be equipped with magnetic levitation or air-floatation capabilities”

Google News
Latest developments based on ‘Maglev’.

Interstate Traveler Company
Building the World Wide Hydrogen Super Highway

General Atomics
General Atomics is developing Inductrack technology in cooperation with multiple research partners.

Maglev Glossary
Browse through a useful list of Maglev pages under the Category “Magnetic levitation” on the Wikipedia site.