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Malcolm Watt


A retired career consultant (Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom)

His interests in Maglev stem from seeing the original UK Ultraspeed presentation on the internet and realising that adopting this would bring the UK into the 21st century and away from Victorian wheels grinding on steel technology.

Michael MacLauchlan

Lives in Denver, Colorado, United States of America

As our population grows we increase density or consume green space and resources.  Assuming reducing our population isn’t an option in the near future, we need to address how this growth impacts the quality of our lives, in this case, how this growth impacts the environment and the amount of time spent going from A to B. No one enjoys sitting in traffic, so what to do?

I am an advocate for telecommuting technology (holograms!) however when we need to be physically at other locations, how to get there expeditiously? Transport concepts on this site provide for food for thought – what is best, affordable and how to proceed in the near future.

Hitesh Mohan

Engineering Graduate (London, United Kingdom)

My passion for MagLev goes a decade back whilst an academic in Engineering. I found researching of magnetic levitation as well as speed of vehicles, particularly supersonic, fascinating. Thus exploring a variety of technological aspects for MagLev, bought to my attention MagLev Technology.