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The purpose of this site is to act as a collection of information about maglev technology applications gleaned from the Facebook group pages and Google+ communities, illustrating how it applies to transportation, both here in the UK and abroad. The complete list of maglev systems discussed, along with some interesting non-maglev transit systems are also shown in the menu on the right, or below, depending on how you’re viewing this site. To view most of the links, you’ll need to be logged into Facebook or Google+. However more and more information is being made available from this website without these logins being needed


The Facebook Groups are

mag tech

Maglev UK
UK Ultraspeed

Personal Rapid Transit

Futuristic Transport

Evacuated Tube Technology

The Google+ Communities are
Maglev in the UK
Urban Maglev
PRT (Personal Rapid Transit)

Maglev systems running at the moment include

Maglev at Pudong International Airport, Shanghai

Transrapid in Shanghai


Linomo in Japan


Incheon airport

Incheon Airport in Korea


Maglev at the Daejon National Science Museum

Daejon National Science Museum, near Seoul in Korea


Changsha maglev

Changsha – China



Those in course of construction are

JR MagLev

Japanese Superconducting Maglev





Those in course of development are

Sky Tran – Tel Aviv


Others at the planning and development stage include

Australian twin pipe system
American Maglev Technology in Orlando, USA
Transrapid – two proposals

Ultraspeed UK

Urban Maglev

Beijing, China – In test, due to opened later this year (2017).
General Atomics

Non maglev versions of urban transport systems include

Sky Trolley
Swift Tram

Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)

Up and running

Ultra – Heathrow Airport
Morgantown, West Virginia, USA
Masdar, Abu Dabhi
Suncheon in Korea

Others – in planning

Tubenet Transit
Taxi 2000

Other forms of PRT include

Driverless vehicles both cars and trucks

Other Uses for maglev include

Magnetic Elevators
Low Speed Freight System
Power Storage Systems
Space Launch
Electromagnetic Aircraft Carrier Launch System
Earthquake House Damage Avoidance
Electromagnetic rail gun
Wind Turbines

DISCLAIMER: This website welcomes all topic related discussion but does not represent nor warrant the accuracy nor veracity of information posted. The information shared is for education and entertainment only; direct solicitation for funding of any kind is not welcomed, nor endorsed.

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